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3 Amazing Facts About Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo is no doubt one of the greatest player of football game and he has fan following in millions. Let me confess that I am also a big fan of the game of Ronaldo. In this blog post, I have tried to share some amazing facts about Ronaldo, and I have collected these facts and this information from different sources. One thing is sure that this information about Ronaldo is from authentic sources and you can enjoy reading the amazing facts about Ronaldo.  1 - Charity Work Ronaldo is not only a  great football player but he has worked so much as a philanthropist. Top of his this social work is that when he donated for the Children Hospitals and that too around the globe for the better medical facilities for children. Ronaldo has donated so much for the disaster relief as well.  This table provides a clear overview of the donations made by Cristiano Ronaldo, the respective recipients, and the purposes of each donation. Donation Amount Recipient Purpose €600,000 Centro Hospitalar

Top Most Expensive Cricket Bats in 2024

No doubt that Batsman's performance matters when it comes about winning the cricket matches, but the most important factor is the 'cricket bat'. I am going to share the details of the most expensive cricket bats in this blog post. Let me clear that this article is based on the research I have done online, and is based on the information which I have collected from different online resources.  Selecting a useful cricket bat is the most important decision a batsman takes. While before finalizing the bat, there are some important factors to keep in mind. Like, the weight, blade of the bat, and you have to select the bat which is according to your own height and weight. A bat must be selected if it's suitable and is well balanced.  The most important factor behind the price of a cricket bat is the willow wood used in the cricket bat. Now, the English willow bats are more durable and their performance is more effective as compared to Kashmir willow, so the English willow b