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Top 5 Cricket All Rounders of All Time

  In this piece, I am sharing the Top 5 Cricket All Rounders Of All Time.  Note that this information which I am sharing is based on the statistics which is shared by ICC. There are a very few top players in the cricket history who are very good with Bat and Ball as well.  Let me share the details about the top 5 cricket all rounders of all time, check it below. 1- Imran Khan The living legend, Imran Khan is a name which comes to everyone's mind when it is about who is the number one all rounder of the cricket. Imran Khan was one of the most successful captain of Pakistani cricket. Under his leadership, Pakistan won the Cricket World Cup 1992, when the Pakistani Cricket team was not even the fovourite of the tournament. It was the leadership qualities of Imran Khan which lead Pakistani team to bag one of the top award in the cricket history. After retiring from International cricket, Imran Khan joined the Politics and he became the Prime Minister of Pakistan. Check out the Cricket