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Biography of Khawaja Nafay, Talented Pakistani Cricket Player

In this biography of Khawaja Nafay talented Pakistani cricket player, I will share details about this talented and rising star of Pakistani cricket. There is no doubt that Khawaja Nafay is very much talented and is an aggressive batsman, and he is the asset of Pakistani Cricket. The day when Khawaja Nafay scored 60 Score in PSL, and that too on 31 Balls, people started looking for him on the internet that who actually is Khawaja Nafay? 

Khawaja Nafay

So here are some of the details of biography of Khawaja Nafay. 

Khawaja Nafay is very young player, and he was born on 13 February 2002. He just turned 22 this year. 

Khawaja Nafay born in Karachi, and he has not played the domestic or the first class cricket, but yes he has played for the corporate sector, especially for Karachi Gymkhana. 

Khawaja Nafay used to post his batting videos on social media especially on Facebook, some of his videos went viral and that made him land in the Bangladesh Premier League. Unfortunately, Khawaja Nafay just scored 13 runs in his 3 matches in BPL. 

Khawaja Nafay still made to the PSL 9 in the Quetta Gladiators. Keeping in view of his viral Videos, he was given a chance in the PSL 9. The man behind this chance was Liaquat Khan, he is the head coach for Khawaja Nafay. Liaquat khan was specialist for the Quetta Gladiators and he convinced the Gladiator's Captain Sarfraz Ahmad to give a chance to Khawaja Nafay, so he made his debut in PSL 9. 

Moreover, Khawajay Nafay named Babar Azam and Rohit Sharma as his ideal players. But the batting of Nafay is the mixture of both, class of Babar and aggressiveness of Sharma. The most important thing is the expansiveness in the batting of Nafay, as he has only one dot ball so far, in all the matches he has played so far in the PSL. 

Checkout some of the FAQs about Khawaja Nafay.

Q: Who is Khawaja Nafay?

Ans: Khawaja Nafay is a young Pakistani Cricketer and rising star batsman.

Q: What is the Age of Khawaja Nafay?

Ans: Khawaja Nafay is 22 Years old (DOB-13 Feb, 2002).

Q: What is the Star of Khawaja Nafay? 

Ans: The Star of Khawaja Nafay is Aquarius.

Q:What is the Net worth of Khawaja Nafay?

Ans: Khawaja Nafay's net worth is around 2 million $.


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