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How much Cricket Umpires Earn? Top Cricket Umpires Salaries

 How much Cricket umpires earn? A Very interesting question it is. There are millions of fans waiting for different cricket tournaments, and leagues. The main 'items' are no doubt the Players of the match, but there are few other Match Officials who are very key persons in the match. Yes, I am talking about the Cricket Match Umpires. The Umpires in the cricket matches are very important and key figures, their one finger raised may change the result of the match.  The question comes to everyone's mind that how much an umpire earns in a match? What is the salary of an umpire?  Well, the answer depends on many facts and situations. The salary or the fee depends on the event, and either it's a test, t20 or an ODI match.  Obviously an umpire would be paid more for a test match, as in that case he has to perform his duty for five days, and when it comes to ODI, yes that's a less paid event as that comprises only one day event, and when it comes to t20, that is the least

Biography of Khawaja Nafay, Talented Pakistani Cricket Player

In this biography of Khawaja Nafay talented Pakistani cricket player, I will share details about this talented and rising star of Pakistani cricket. There is no doubt that Khawaja Nafay is very much talented and is an aggressive batsman, and he is the asset of Pakistani Cricket. The day when Khawaja Nafay scored 60 Score in PSL, and that too on 31 Balls, people started looking for him on the internet that who actually is Khawaja Nafay?  So here are some of the details of biography of Khawaja Nafay.  Khawaja Nafay is very young player, and he was born on 13 February 2002. He just turned 22 this year.  Khawaja Nafay born in Karachi, and he has not played the domestic or the first class cricket, but yes he has played for the corporate sector, especially for Karachi Gymkhana.  Khawaja Nafay used to post his batting videos on social media especially on Facebook, some of his videos went viral and that made him land in the Bangladesh Premier League. Unfortunately, Khawaja Nafay just scored 1

Young Pakistani Cricketer Khawaja Nafay Leverages Facebook to Enter Mainstream Cricket

 Khawaja Nafay, a new sensation in PSL 9, he scored 60 runs on 31 balls in PSL 9, 2024 editions which lead his team towards the victory. Before PSL 9, Khawaja Nafay played for the Bangladesh Premier League. Khawaja Nafay, the young Pakistani Cricketer , used the power of Facebook to get noticed by the high ups of the Cricket. Khawaja Nafay has over 50 thousand followers on Facebook, and he utilized the power of social media very well where he used to post his batting, and other cricket match videos. The stats on Facebook shows that people loved seeing this young man playing the cricket and then he was selected for Bangladesh Premier League, the main factor behind his selection was the Social Media, specifically Facebook, which helped him to make his videos viral and ultimately getting noticed by the high ups.  Khawaja Nafay debuted his career in a match between Chattogram and Khulna at Chattogram. Although he scored only 5 runs in the match but later on his performance impressed the fa